What we can do for individuals

And how we can improve your wellbeing by boosting your financial immune system

Everyone gets confused about finances. Nobody can be an expert in everything, so stop trying to be one! We will:

Why is financial wellbeing so important for every individual?

Because being unwell damages your health, your relationships and your motivation. Feeling out of control makes you do all the wrong things.

You’ll make impulsive and bad decisions

If you feel that “doing something is better than doing nothing” then you’ll make impulsive decisions. Deciding just for the sake of it usually means making bad choices.

You’ll decide because you feel stupid

How often have you been made to feel stupid for not knowing something? And then decided to act out of feelings of guilt? Just because you don’t know does NOT make you stupid.

Your short-term gain brings long-term pain

When you feel out of control all you can see are the short-term problems staring you in the face. You end up sacrificing your long-term stability to get short-term relief.

You’ll look vulnerable, and they know it

Sharks and charlatans can smell panic from a mile away. They feed off your ignorance and vulnerability by touting quick fixes. By being out of control you’re easy prey.

You’ll be a sucker for all things slick

Just because something looks smart and sophisticated doesn’t mean it actually is. If you don’t understand it then stay away! If it looks too good to be true then it is.

If you feel financially well then you’ll take your time to make decisions calmly and sensibly. You’ll understand what you’re doing and will feel confident about doing it. You’ll be back in control again.

How can we help you as an individual?

Each of us is unique. We are all at different stages of our lives and have our own individual set of pluses and minuses.

We’ll talk to you about your problems, doubts and risks, so that you’ll understand them and know what to do about them.

The ways we can help you are:

Face-to-face MEETINGS

We will meet you on your own or, if you prefer, with your partner or a friend you trust and don’t mind sharing personal details with.

It can be at your place of work, or club you’re a member of, or in a public space like a coffee shop or pub (if you buy the drinks!).

Skype or Zoom CHATS

Face-to-face meetings are the most natural way to communicate, but that’s not always possible because of physical distance or Covid-19, so “screen-to-screen” works just as well.

Any messaging service is fine or, if you prefer, a simple old-fashioned phone call would work too.

To get the most out of your session, we’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire where you can write down your questions and concerns. You should scan and email us that as well any documents you want us to look over during the meeting.

We’ll do our best to work at times that are convenient to you.

Examples of what we can help you with

Everyone will have their own set of issues and problems that affect their financial wellbeing. We begin by helping you identify exactly what you think yours are.

To start you off, we’ve set out below some examples of issues that affect a lot of people’s financial wellbeing. Don’t treat it as an a-la-carte menu though - we can talk about anything you want.

Death is part of life, and so is getting sick, getting old, losing your job, and so many other events you can’t predict. How can you protect your family from all this uncertainty?

Health insurance is probably the most difficult type of insurance to understand and get right. We unravel deductions, pre-existing conditions, co-payments and coverage limits.

What’s the real total cost of a mortgage once you’ve paid fees, taxes and interest? How does that compare with the total cost of renting? Which is better and when might that change?

Debt is ok if you can manage it, but dangerous if you can’t. How to take out the cheapest debt and pay back the most expensive. And how to understand the real cost you’re paying.

No, you’re not stupid, and we’re not going to make you feel stupid either. But insurance is a minefield that needs unravelling. We’ll explain what you need and what they offer.

Did you know that some companies prefer you to cancel your policies rather than keep them because they make more money that way? Their hidden secrets exposed and how to pay less.

Many say that property is a safe investment, and that prices will always go up. But is that really true? And how will you convert that increased value into food on the table?

Finance will increasingly become digital, but is it really any better than what we had before? And is the consumer benefiting from it? Are price comparison sites the future?

These are only examples - there are many other topics that we could help you with. Talk to us about anything that’s worrying you.

Remember - there is no such thing as a stupid question.

Ask yourself this…

Some of the examples above might be useful for you. But you know best what’s bothering you and might be making you feel financially unwell.

We’ve designed two short questionnaires to help you. The first will make you think about the risks you’re facing in your life, and what you would do if any of them happened. The second will show up the gaps in your knowledge and where you probably need to find out more. They’ll each take less than two minutes to think about. Go on - do it!

Have they made you think? Good! Want to talk to us now?

The purpose of all this is to get you thinking about what’s making you feel financially unwell. We’re all different, and ultimately only you know what’s best for you. But we can help you declutter your brain and start to make you feel financially well again.

Unsure? Unclear? Try us out!

Worried about your yourself? Or about your future?
Then YOU have to start somewhere.
Nobody else will to do it for you.

By booking a FREE SESSION you will see:

We don’t promise magical solutions. But we DO promise you’ll be back in control and financially well again.

You don’t buy clothes without trying them on first, so we’re not expecting you to do anything different with us.

Try us out for size!

Also concerned about your friends or employees?

This section is all about the needs of individuals. If you’ve got a group of friends or colleagues with the same issues as you, click on Groups below as that will help too. If you’re an employer concerned about the financial wellbeing of your employees click on Employers.