What we can do for employers

And how we can help improve the financial wellbeing of your employees

Employers want their employees to be financially well. There are many ways we can help you with that. What we do will depend on:

Why is financial wellbeing so important for employers?

Because having employees who feel financially well not only benefits them but also benefits the employer

Greater Productivity

If your employees are not distracted by their own financial concerns then they will be more focused at work and more productive. A win for them and a win for you.

Better work environment

People who feel financially well are less stressed and generally happier in all areas of their lives, work included. Happiness is contagious so everyone gains.

Better communication

If you don’t communicate with your employees, how will they know about or appreciate the value of the benefits you already provide? Why waste that investment?

Retaining talent

Financial Wellbeing is not a buzzword - it’s a key part of any decent employer’s strategy to keep its best people. Replacing talent is time-consuming and expensive.

Attracting the best

If you want to attract talent then it needs to see how you’re going to treat it. Caring about employees’ financial wellbeing shows a real commitment that will get noticed.

People cost a lot of money, so why waste it on unhappy, stressed and distracted employees?

By feeling financially well your employees will gain and so will you.

How can we help you and your employees?

Each company has different requirements, time availability, logistics, integration with your other employee communication and wellbeing activities, and so on. We work with you to design and deliver a programme that fits best with your needs and culture.

The most common ways we could reach your employees are:

Face-to-face SEMINARS

Face-to-face seminars are the best way for employees to hear other people’s questions and share experiences - that makes each employee feel safe and that they’re not alone.

These can be arranged during or outside working hours, whichever works best.


Webinars are scheduled at fixed times and can be watched at the employee’s desk or at home. Employees can ask questions as the webinar progresses and the presenter can respond immediately.

Personal questions can be asked in a private webchat.


These webinars can be watched at any time that is convenient for the employee. They can, of course, be re-watched as often as you like.

A dedicated email hotline can be set up to address any questions an employee may have after watching.

These are just the most common ways of engaging with your employees. But we are open to suggestions and will do what fits best with your logistics and culture.

If you like, we could go directly to your employees and ask them to comment on the content and delivery programme that they would prefer.

The road to your employees’ financial wellbeing ...

…starts with education - about the benefits you provide and the wider financial world. They’ll understand and appreciate what you already do for them - less moaning, more confidence. They’ll feel in control again - that’s what financial wellbeing is all about. And you’ll be the ultimate winner - happier and more productive employees!

Examples of what we do

As we said, each employer has different needs and requirements - we’d like to talk to you and find out about yours. We can then design what works best for you.

In the meantime, and to get you thinking, you might want to look at some more suggestions (on top of the ones we showed before) - they should be useful for the employees of most employers.

Your HR team can’t be expected to know the details of all your company’s employee benefits because they’re not finance experts. But we are, so we can do it for you. The more informed a new joiner is the more they’ll appreciate you.

Health plans are more complicated than rocket science! We explain how your employer-sponsored plan works. Or, if you don’t have such a plan, what your employees should look out for in the market.

Everyone needs to budget, but some can’t separate the essentials from the desirables. And shopping addiction makes it worse. Tips for your employees on how to stay in control by budgeting quickly and simply.

There are a lot of “experts” these days, but very often the title is unjustified. How your employees can spot true expertise from snake oil, and whether comparison sites really are the solution to their needs.

Saving and investing is not easy. Too many words you don’t understand and that can get you in a mess. Simple explanations to help your employees stay sane and make their savings right for themselves.

Buying a home can be hugely disruptive for some employees, and the banks don’t help. We explain the different options available so your employees waste less time at work investigating and worrying.

Do you employees know when they need to pay tax, or whether they can ignore it? And do they know how to pay as little as possible? They need to keep as much as they can of what you pay them, not give it away.

Too many people waste money on insurance they don’t need and don’t understand. We’ll help your employees understand insurance and their own needs. That way they’ll enjoy more of the money you pay them.

These are just suggestions that may or may not be right for your employees or for you. So tell us what you think your employees need. Or ask us to find out directly from your employees themselves what they want and need.

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