What does it mean to be financially well?

You’ll feel well financially if you feel in control - that doesn’t mean all your problems are solved, but it does mean you understand what they are and what you need to do to solve them.

Knowing that you have a plan and that you haven’t missed anything will make you feel able to take decisions rather than avoid them.

What’s the opposite of financial wellbeing?

Being unwell financially means you can’t cope with your current problems nor anything that might be round the corner. You bury your head in the sand hoping that the world will stop.

You’ve got to understand uncertainty - if you don’t you’ll have no idea about what you’d do if something bad happened, you’ll feel out of control and become financially unwell.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

Why is financial wellbeing so important?

Wherever you live, surveys show that money is one of the most common sources of stress for people.

Impairs productivity and motivation

If you’re focused on money worries you won’t be focused on your job. And whatever your employer does for you will never quite seem “enough”.

Damages personal relationships

Money stress follows you around wherever you go, at home with your family, at work with your colleagues, and out socially with your friends.

Harms physical and mental health

Chronic stress can cause anxiety, depression and substance abuse. You can lose interest in life, and be constantly worried about your health.

Financial wellbeing is not the same as “not being sick” - it means acknowledging uncertainty and being comfortable with taking decisions rather than avoiding them.

Why is achieving financial wellbeing so hard?

Because the world makes it hard.

Employers - the great, the good and the not so good

“Wellbeing” is an HR buzzword. Good employers provide support for their employees’ physical and mental wellbeing. Great employers add financial wellbeing too.

Financial companies - good for them not for you

Look at what they do not what they say. Financial companies bundle stuff up so you end up buying what you don’t need. A level playing field of info? Forget it!

Financial advisers don’t “advise” - they sell

Sexy titles like “financial planner” cover up the fact that they don’t advise or plan - they sell. When has an “advisor” ever advised you not to buy anything?

“Sophisticated” is a cover-up for “complicated”

Sophistication is a ruse to cover up complication. Companies do that to make it hard for you to understand how expensive it really is. What happened to trust?

Making it easier looks like this:

What do you need for financial wellbeing?

Be better informed

Finances can be a minefield - to make the best decisions for your family you need to understand what’s going on and recognise what you don’t know.

Someone to talk to

Nobody can be expert on everything, not even financial people themselves. Find someone to talk to (us!) but not someone who’s going to sell to you.

Understand uncertainty

Nothing stays the same forever and nobody can foresee how things might change in the future. Financial wellbeing means knowing that and accepting it.

Make your own plan

Financial wellbeing means regaining control. And that means having a plan - one you can adjust, update, be honest with yourself about and follow.

How can we help you with financial wellbeing?


We’ll give you the knowledge and the tools you’ll need to make the best decisions for yourself.


To stop you getting ripped off and bamboozled, we’ll unravel finance to make it simple.


We’ll show you how to defend yourself against scammers and protect yourself from sales hawks.


You’ve got to manage what might and might not happen in the future, so you’ll always be ready.

We’ll do what we can so that you understand your finances and the uncertainties of the future. You’ll then be back in control again.

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Why is financial wellbeing so relevant?


Good employers provide employee assistance programmes and care about their employees’ physical and mental wellbeing. Great employers provide financial wellbeing too.


You can spend your life with your head stuck in the sand, paralysed by financial worries every day. Or you can do something about it and stop letting the world control you.


You’ll have similar financial concerns to your friends. Talking in groups can help you realise things you hadn't thought of but that are relevant to you too and need fixing.

Don’t wait for someone else to make you feel well again, because nobody will.
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