Q: How are you going to make money if you're really not going to sell?

A: We charge a fee for our services. We think that’s the best way for people to be absolutely sure they get 100% guaranteed independent help with no sales pressure - our research tells us that’s what most people really want.

Q: If I go to an agent or financial planner or financial adviser I get advice for free, so why should I pay you?

A: Because once you allow for the hidden costs of commission they aren’t free. Did you know that for some insurance products the first 18 months of your money goes straight into the pocket of the agent? “Financial planners”, “financial advisers” and “brokers” aren’t free so don’t believe them when they tell you they are. We charge a fee so that you get 100% independent help and no sales pressure ever.

Q: I like price comparison sites like GoBear, Money Hero and InsureDIY and they’re becoming more popular. Why shouldn’t I use them?

A: You could. Sometimes they’ll give you a good deal. But you should also think about buying directly from companies - you might get a better deal that way.

Q: I think my employer should be offering this kind of service but they’re a bit mean so they probably won’t pay - can you help persuade them?

A: YES! Please tell your employer you’ve seen our website and that it’s something you think they should be considering. Tell them we offer free consultations and free sessions just so that they can see what we do before making any commitments.

Q: I don’t know you, so how do I know I can trust you?

A: We’ve worked in financial services for 35 years so we know a lot. But we don’t know everything - nobody can, and anyone who tells you they can is lying. If we don’t know something we’ll be honest and tell you. Ultimately you can’t know for sure whether you can trust someone until you try them - that’s why we’re offering free sessions. If you don’t like us then you should tell us and we won’t charge you.

Q: This “ability-to-pay” charging looks like I’d be subsidising other people - why should I do that?

A: All of us do that anyway - taxes are higher for people who earn more so that they can be lower for people who earn less. Charging on an ability-to-pay basis is one of our values - we’re proud of it and we stick by it.