Financial Wellbeing is a right

For your employees and for yourself

Money worries are the biggest stress factor for most people. Feeling unwell financially can affect your physical and mental health, your relationships and your productivity.

Financial wellbeing education isn’t magic. It can’t solve all your problems and make everything better. But it can put you back in control again.

By educating about financial stuff in a lighthearted way and in simple language you can relate to, you’ll know what to do and can start to feel financially well again.

Financial Wellbeing is a right for everyone, not the few

If employers want the best out of their people they need to help them feel well financially.

Rich people can pay for advice. Well-connected people can ask their friends.

But everyone else has nowhere to go and nobody to ask.

Who we help


Employers who care about employees’ financial health

We produce financial education and wellbeing programmes for your employees.


Individuals who are stuck and want to talk to someone

We help you look at what you’ve got, and what risks you and your family have to face.


Groups of friends who want to talk things over together

We help you and your friends deal with the similar problems you’re all facing.

Don’t leave it to someone else to make you feel well again, because nobody will.

Financial wellbeing should be no different from physical and mental wellbeing - everyone needs it.

We’ll give you the right tools so you can regain control and make the best decisions for yourself.

How we reach you and help you

We engage with you in the ways that you prefer and that work best for you.

This can be in person or virtually, live or recorded, or a combination of any of them.

You choose and we follow.

Examples include:

We educate

So that you can get to know yourself better and understand what’s going on around you. Understanding breeds confidence, and that puts you back in control again.

By being in control you can act and make the best decisions for yourself, by yourself.

Why Financial Wellbeing is vital for everyone

Not feeling in control financially

Financial wellbeing doesn’t mean all your problems are magically solved, but it does mean that you understand what they are and what you need to do to solve them.

That puts you back in control and able to take decisions rather than avoid them.






Why we are different from financial advisors

When you’re not well physically you see a doctor. So, if you’re not well financially you should see a financial advisor, RIGHT?


They won’t advise you or help you. They just want to sell to you.



What you can expect

We’ll explain financial stuff to you in simple language that you can relate to.

We’ll help you feel in control again, even if your situation is bad.

We’ll be lighthearted and entertaining - we want you to pay attention, not get bored.

You'll spot scammers and when you’re being ripped off.

You’ll do the right thing for yourself, by yourself, because you'll know what you're doing.

We absolutely guarantee that we will never sell you anything nor refer you to someone else who will.

Unsure? Unclear? Try us out!

Worried about your employees? Or about yourself?

Then YOU have to start somewhere.

Nobody else will to do it for you.

By booking a FREE SESSION you will see:

We don’t promise magical solutions. But we DO promise you’ll be back in control and financially well again.

You don’t buy clothes without trying them on first, so we’re not expecting you to do anything different with us.

Try us out for size!

Financial Wellbeing is a right not a privilege

Don’t Sell To Me was founded by UK actuary Lee Faulkner.

We believe that for humans to be happy and societies to be stable, financial education and wellbeing must be everyone’s right.

The wealthy can buy it, the well-connected can ask their friends, but everyone else has had nowhere to go... until now.

Come to us!